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Mini Alana in Mustard

Hi And Welcome To Myth House!

Myth House is a Ghanaian based luxury accessory brand that aims to satisfy the fashion statement maker, seeking a true taste of neo-African culture. The vision is simple; to be a leading provider of unique African aesthetics that transcend international tastes by producing a consistent line of luxury accessories.

Hair Down Wekend

Our Ghanaian artisans understand the vision and work cooperatively with each other and the production team to help to bring our designer’s drawings to life. We pride ourselves on the marriage we have created between unconventional materials, like metal meshes of different textures with fabrics with unique designs to create these classy, colourful accessories. Our custom design will inspire and give all of our trend-setting clients a real sense of fun, love and appreciation. We are truly a proudly “Made in Ghana” innovative house of fashion.

Sitting Fiercely

The brand name is actually an acronym that represents MYTH’s values: Modern Youthful Trendy Haute, which also best describes the kind of woman MYTH designs for. We make every effort while growing the business to truly keep it Modern, Youthful, Trendy and Haute.

We believe that a woman’s bag gives life to her ensemble, we take delight in creating part of that overall look. Whether you’re at a family gathering, date night, exploring a new city, or painting the town red, a MYTH accessory is the perfect add-on.

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