A fashion statement and a symbol of style.

Mini Alana in Mustard

Welcome to Myth House!

MYTH is a luxury fashion accessories brand made in Ghana, West Africa. MYTH launched in 2015 and has since become a symbol of style and fashion by women across the world. MYTH is an acronym which stands for Modern, Youthful, Trendy and Haute, an odé to the woman who inspires the creations of this brand. Our vision is to be coveted as the most stylish fashion accessory brand in Africa and we’re well on our way there.

Hair Down Wekend

Our pieces are designed and developed by a talented team led by our founder, Akua Buckman, and are produced under her supervision by skilled artisans using galvanised metal mesh and other premium materials that put MYTH among the most innovative fashion products out of Ghana. We are proud of our efforts in creating such sophisticated high-end fashion accessories and ensure we stay true to the premium appeal with each collection.

Sitting Fiercely

We believe that a womans bag gives life to her ensemble and so we take delight in creating that essential part of her look, no matter the occasion. So whether youre at a family gathering, date night, exploring a new city, or painting the town red, a MYTH accessory is the perfect add-on that sings high praise about your sense of style.

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